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Four Dudes and a Zombie Apocalypse Comic Book Vol. 1 is the inaugural book of a 10 part zombie exploitation series. The story begins with the apocalypse hitting a climax before everything breaks down. Our main characters are trying to escape the chaos by going to a friend’s house for safety. Are they truly safe from the chaos outside? No plan, limited supplies, and hope being scarce. Can our main characters survive this apocalypse?

Consider this story as the Warriors with Zombies. Each book will introduce various characters and their response to the Zombie Apocalypse. New York City is diverse as is, so imagine zombies. This aint your typical Romero style zombie story or Kirkman Zombie Comic Book.

Here is a snippet of the future comic book volumes:

2 - Joe n Sons - A mercenary helps clean the neighborhood of Zombies, can he be trusted?

3 - Mobsters vs Zombies - The Boys meet up with the Italian Mob who have a plan on how to deal with the Apocalypse.

4 - Mommie Dearest - The boys encounter a family with a very abusive mother.

5 - TriBoro - The boys encounter a Toll Bridge Troll.

6 - The South Bronx - The boys arrive to the South Bronx an encounter the Mob Again.

7 - A Hit is a Hit - The Boys encounter an eccentric gang sent to kill them.

8 - Wanna Play Rough? - The boys are near City Island, a final battle with the Mob begins, will they all survive?

9 - City Island - The Boys arrive to City Island, there is a US military Safe Zone. Can they achieve their goals to get the fuck out?

10 - TTGTFOH (TIME TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE)- The boys make their final attempt to escpae NYC, will they be successful?

This free comic book read is available to allow curious readers to get the initial experience of the series. You can support the comic book by buying a poster, a hard copy, digital copy at comixology, or a paypal donation. So follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook and enjoy the ride.

zombie comic book

zombie comic book