3D Printed Zombie Bust




Display this 60mm/2.5 inch high 3D Printed Zombie Bust in your house to display your love for zombies.

The 3D Printed Zombie Bust is 60mm/2.5 inches high. The Zombie head is made with a clear SLA resin or Red Clear SLA resin. The Pillar is made of PLA Plastic and comes with three variety colors Red, White, and Grey. Both 3d prints are made with our in-house 3d printers and are made within a 1-2 weeks. We ensure that our prints are made in high quality resolution and will impress you or you can return for a full refund with no questions asked.


Please allow 1-2 weeks to 3d print and  fulfill your order of the 3D Printed Zombie Bust.

Packaging & Shipping

All Products are packaged with bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery through the United States Postal Service.

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Weight 10 oz

Grey, Red, White


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