Wholesale Opportunity

wholesale opportunityWe are offering a wholesale opportunity to comic book stores who seek to expand their revenues. Four Dudes and a Zombie Apocalypse Comic Series will have an initial 10 books plus merchandising. Therefore, a long term partnership is required to ensure the success of this project. Becoming a vendor is easy, just sign up for an account and order at least 25 units of our products, automatically you will be given a 30% discount. Payment is easy, Paypal or regular credit card. All bulk orders will be fulfilled within 2-3 weeks.

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We plan to publish a total of 10 books. The story of our main characters will focus on dealing with zombies and the colorful people in New York City. This zombie story will ultimately change the lives of our main characters, whether it's for the better or worse, you decide. The age ole question in almost every zombie story is, does the apocalypse bring out the madness or was it always there? In New York City, it's already a mad world; add zombies and New Yorkers should feel right at home or so you would think? If you are a fan of the old 1970s classic "The Warriors" then enjoy the ride with this zombie apocalypse exploitation story.




Wholesale Opportunity FAQ

  1. How easy it to become a vendor? Answer: Just sign up and buy at least 25 units of one item.
  2. How long before I get my order? Answer: Within 2-3 weeks, typically sooner.
  3. What is your refund/return policy for comic book stores? Answer: Within 48 hours of receipt of product. Any product arrived damaged, please e-mail a photo of the damage and we'll either send a replacement or refund for that damaged unit.
  4. Is there any larger discounts for orders over 100 units? Answer: Possibly, it all depends on the production price from our printers.
  5. Any long term commitment to keep our prices? Answer: No long term commitments are needed. Straight forward, if you need more product buy more product.
  6. Do you accept Cash on Delivery Orders: Answer: No, too much logistics for our growing operation. Maybe in the future.